“Strengthening Community, Building Opportunity”

The Whitecap Dakota First Nation (WDFN) is a modern and progressive First Nation with a proud culture and a strong sense of community. Whitecap’s members have mandated their leadership to implement a nation-building vision geared toward Strengthening Community and Building Opportunity.  With a long history of establishing partnerships, WDFN continues a Spirit of Alliance, working with its neighbours and governments in support of its nation-building agenda.

The WDFN is located 26 kilometres south of Saskatoon. Formerly known as Moose Woods, it was established in 1889 by Order-in-Council.  In August, 1882, Chief Whitecap counseled John Lake on the location for a new temperance colony that would become the City of Saskatoon.

The WDFN is part of the larger Dakota Nation, whose traditional governance structure was called the Seven Council Fires or Oceti Sakowin, and whose traditional lands extended into both Canada and the United States.

The Dakota have a long standing relationship with the British Crown, dating back to wampum ceremonies in 1762.

Through accountable, transparent governance, economic development, stable land tenure management and partnerships, the WDFN has managed to attract over $100 million in capital investment in the community. In the coming years, development plans will continue for outside investment in our community for tourism, business, and resort residential development.

From generation to generation, WDFN has continued the Spirit of Alliance. As the WDFN moves forward, it continues to build partnerships as it reinforces its values and traditions of the past. Today, their many partnerships with various organizations and local, provincial, and federal governments are a testament to the lasting legacy of this Spirit of Alliance.

The Living Dakota Language is Strengthening our Community

Dakota Language Conference May 29-31, 2018


Developing Regional Partnerships

Whitecap Dakota - Financial accountability and Strategic Investments

“The Whitecap Dakota First Nation (WDFN) is a modern and progressive First Nation with a proud culture and a strong sense of community.”

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