An economically self-sustaining community
with financially independent members

Economic Development

Economic Mission

“To create an economically self-sustaining community with financially independent members through the effective use of economic tools that maximize the available resources, respect the Dakota culture and protect the environment while protecting and enhancing inherent rights.”

Economic Goals

•    To create employment opportunities that will allow all Whitecap members to earn an income at least equal to the provincial average.
•    To provide Whitecap members the opportunity to access the education, training and work experience necessary to gain employment.
•    To self-generate sufficient sustained revenues to continuously improve the quality of life for Whitecap members and support the investment required for planned community growth.

Investment Development

Whitecap Development Corporation (WDC) is the investment corporation for the Whitecap Dakota First Nation. Based on strategic planning and investment criteria, the corporation makes investments inside and outside the Whitecap community. The corporation invites those with complimentary investment strategies to partner in its projects. For more information on investment development contact Darrell Balkwill.

Land Development

Whitecap Dakota First Nation has zoned 1,000 acres of reserve lands for commercial development. The Whitecap reserve is located just 20 minutes from downtown Saskatoon along the newly upgraded highway #219 which has been designated the Chief Whitecap Trail tourism corridor. With upgraded infrastructure services and business friendly legislation and land leasing, Whitecap offers many development opportunities.

Business Development

Whitecap offers new entrepreneurs assistance in getting their business started and being successful during the critical first years of operation. The Whitecap Equity Fund offers Whitecap members financial assistance with getting their businesses started. For more information on the Whitecap Equity Fund contact Darrell Balkwill. .

Training and Employment

Whitecap provides assistance to community members in accessing training in order to develop the skills necessary for employment and to establish a career path. Our Whitecap Development Corporation investments promote employment opportunities for Whitecap members and other First Nation people.