The Whitecap Health Centre was opened on December 16, 2011. It employs eight health staff administering various health programs such as community health nursing, child immunization, maternal health, community health, dental services, home and community care, medical transportation, community health representative, counseling services, nutrition, diabetes, mental health, addictions, and justice.

It also houses the recreation & education programs. Due to the signing of an innovative partnership agreement with the Saskatoon Health Region, the Whitecap Health Centre is able to fully serve everyone in the community including those who are not Band members.

Clinic Services

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who works in a Primary Health setting, has additional education and training, writes a national qualifying exam, and is licensed by the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association as an independent practitioner.
A nurse practitioner can diagnose and treat common medical illnesses and conditions such as diabetes or COPD. They can also order tests such as laboratory tests, x-rays, and ultrasounds. Nurse practitioners can perform common procedures such as yearly physicals, pre-op appointments, removal of moles, excision and drainage of abscesses, and suturing of simple wounds. Nurse practitioners can prescribe medications with the exception of narcotics.

Dental Services

Whitecap Health Centre offers comprehensive dental care to community members of all ages. The dental hygienist provides services such as cleanings, sealants, varnishes, fillings, extractions, stainless steel crowns, x-rays, and referrals for extensive dental treatment if required.

Mental Health and Prevention Services

Whitecap community members and their families may access mental health and prevention services for a variety of con¬cerns including difficulties with mood/anxiety, trauma/abuse, stress, suicide, grief/loss, chronic illness/pain, sexuality/relationship issues, family issues, anger, addiction, self-esteem, or life transitions. The therapists use evidence-based treatments and are registered with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists.
Mental Health and Prevention Services also offer educational programming such as a Parenting Support Group, Parent n’ Tot, Suicide Intervention Training (ASIST), and gambling awareness clinics.

Diabetes Education Program

The diabetes education program provides individual and group consultation and specialty clinics with a focus on self-management and life style changes. Call the Health Centre to book a consultation.

Community Health Nurse

The Community Health Nurse administers the following:

  • Child immunization clinics
  • Communicable disease control
  • Infant and preschool health
  • School aged health
  • Adult health
  • General health education
  • Client assessment
  • Managed care (case management, referrals, linkages)
  • Family and maternal health care

Community Wellness Worker

The Community Wellness Worker and the Family Prevention Worker provides counseling and facilitate the mental well-being of the community. Prevention Services include:

  • Working with high risk children
  • Personal/family and relationship counseling services
  • Setting up community events and attending community functions.
  • Working within the community advocating on their behalf in the area of CFS and families.
  • Specializing in referral & mental health concerns
  • Career planning
  • Stress management and workshops.
  • Respects the cultural and traditional aspects of the Community.
  • Community Justice Worker- assists and advocates in legal situations of community members and administers prevention programs to all ages.

Home Care

The provision of treatment, health promotion and rehabilitative health services for band members living in their communities.
Services are provided in a holistic manner that looks at the client’s physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs.
Staff will support and help to enhance care provided by family members. The program is intended to enhance the support and care tradi¬tionally provided by the family.
The Home Health Aide conducts client assessments, client/caregiver teaching, client advocating, case management, consultations with other medical professionals, provides home care nursing, personal care, home support, in-home respite services and palliative care.

Recreation Program

The Whitecap Recreation program is offered through the Whitecap Health Centre. The program offers a wide range of activities throughout the year and assists in coordinating major events such as the First Nation Summer and Winter Games.
The recreation program offers sports programs, arts and cultural pro¬grams, health programs, Elders programing, after school programs, community events, outings, and collaboration with the school and First Nation Summer and Winter Games.

  • Kickboxing
  • Art Program
  • Yoga
  • Elder’s Program
  • Softball
  • Open Gym
  • Community events (family days, dances, movie nights)
  • Fitness classes
  • Outings (swimming, hockey games)
  • Summer and Winter games
  • And much more!