Lands & Taxation

Whitecap Dakota First Nation created its own land code in 2004 and is currently under the federal government’s First Nation Land Management Act. This has eliminated 25% of provisions from the Indian Act and has given Whitecap government control over the management of Whitecaps land and resources. A second generation Land Code was implemented in 2010 in consultation with financial institutions and CMHC which further enhances the investment and security environment for lenders. The WDFN developed a Land Use Plan that divided the reserve into Land Use Zones with each zone having its own development standards to maximize land values. Forty-nine (49) year commercial and 99 year residential leasing instruments with renewal options give the band the flexibility to meet the needs of investors. Business development legislation including property taxation, business licensing, environmental management along with a $12 million infrastructure investment was made to support commercial and residential development. This has helped to raise the market value of Whitecap Lands.

Functions of the WDFN Lands Department:
• Commercial & Residential Leases
• Development of Bylaws, Development Permits and Servicing Agreements
• Traditional land interests

• Permits & Business Licensing
• Lands Registry
• Legal Surveys
• Land Appraisals
• Inspection
• Land Resolutions
• Land Use Planning
• Environmental Assessments
• Environmental Protection
• Bylaw Enforcement
• Coordination with legal counsel on land issues
• Assist in the Development of Economic Development Projects Lands and Taxation

Whitecap has developed taxation laws that allow us to provide quality services, improve the quality of life, and maintain the healthy growth of  infrastructure to serve the needs of a growing community. Whitecap has also developed a real property tax law through the First Nation Statistical Management Act. This enables Whitecap to collect property taxes annually, which ensures quality services are being delivered.

Annual Property Tax Cycle