Public Works & Housing


Whitecap Housing has 164 units in its inventory. 24 Apartment units and 10 single family houses make up the “market housing” inventory within Housing with the balance of the units being Band housing units for the First Nation. Whitecap Housing builds, manages and maintains the housing inventory and is a Member of the Canadian and Saskatoon Home-Builders Association.
Through Land Code Laws, Land Management and Parcel Survey/Registrations, the Band has been able to make home ownership a possibility at Whitecap for Band Members and non-Members alike.

Legal parcels exist as legitimate assets with the financial institutions recognizing the Land Code and security it provides them.
Whitecap Housing Committee approves all applications and allocations of Band Housing Units on the First Nation. The Director of Housing and Public Works approves and allocates the market housing units.
Applications can be requested by calling 306-477-2013

Public Works

Whitecap Public Works is responsible for all roadway maintenance, public building management, non-housing public spaces and property within the First Nation. All seasonal services are provided by Public Works staffing. All sporting and cultural grounds are maintained by Public Works.

Whitecap Utility

The Water Treatment Plant Operators are certified Level II on both water treatment and waste water systems. Whitecap Dakota First Nation boasts two state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis/Biologic Filtration systems for its water treatment. These plants produce the highest quality of drinking water for residents of the First Nation as well as the businesses located on reserve lands

Hay-Lands Operations

Whitecap manages all hay lands for its privately held lands and traditional lands. The band provides haying services to Members as requested.

Volunteer Fire Department

The Whitecap Volunteer Fire Department maintains a formal MOU and Mutual Aid Agreement with the City of Saskatoon Fire & Protective Services. Training and equipment are provided by SFPS with this relationship. Formal training sessions are held weekly through-out the year for the volunteer fire-fighting corps.

Custodial Services Manager

Whitecap Dakota First Nation oversees the management and the day to day upkeep and sanitation of all of its public buildings and assets. Care and pride of ownership are evident with the condition and cleanliness of Band assets.


Whitecap Dakota First Nation, working in liaison with the RCMP detachment outpost in Whitecap, provides Security Patrols and Safety Monitoring for the Community Members and Band property. The Community has a good sense of awareness within and is close-knit.   Video monitoring is prevalent through-out the Community.